How to Buy Motorcycle Fuel System Parts

Chris Waldron Chris Waldron

For many motorcycle owners, their motorcycle represents a special kind of freedom and independence. Motorcycles give bikers a greater sense of speed than a car does, allowing them to feel the wind as they ride. Motorcycles are also popular because their fuel costs, their maintenance costs, and their insurance premiums are typically much lower than those of cars are.

How to Buy Motorcycle Fuel System Parts

Although motorcycles do not protect their rider as well as cars do, they are safe to ride as long as bikers wear the right kind of helmet and protective gear while riding them.

To save money, some owners purchase an older motorcycle or one that requires repairs. They purchase the required parts themselves and work on the bike until it is in premium condition. eBay is one of the best places to find great bargains on motorcycle fuel system parts as well as other motorcycle gear and accessories. This guide explains how buyers can begin their search for motorcycle fuel system parts, how they can narrow down their search results, and how they can select the ideal options for their budget and for their bike.

How to Search for Motorcycle Fuel System Parts on eBay

To shop for motorcycle fuel system parts on eBay, buyers will first need to visit the eBay homepage and enter a search term, such as "motorcycle parts." They can then select the part of the motorcycle for which they need the parts. To do so, they will need to click Choose more under Part Type. Next, they should check the box beside Intake & Fuel System. Buyers will see pages of results for different intake and fuel parts, from which they can select the items that they need for their motorcycle. If buyers know the specific name of the part that they need, they can enter it into eBay's search bar. For instance, buyers might type "motorcycle fuel pump" into the search bar to see all of the available listings for that type of part.

Saving a Search

eBay offers a convenient feature for buyers to help them stay up to date on current listings. When buyers save a search, eBay receives permission to notify them if a new listing appears. If buyers are looking for "intake valves," for example, eBay will send them a message every time sellers post motorcycle intake valves for sale. Once buyers receive the message, they can go online and view the new listing to see if they might be interested in making a purchase.

How to Filter Search Results on eBay

eBay is a large online retailer with a wide variety of products that is divided into thousands of categories. A search for "motorcycle parts" could yield results in the millions, with results for "intake and fuel system" parts numbering well into the thousands. The average eBay shopper likely does not have time to search through pages upon pages of results, so eBay has provided a way for users to get fast, precise results with just a few clicks. On a results page for intake and fuel system parts, buyers will see several different filters. They can choose the make of their motorcycle, the part type they want, the brand, the condition, the price, the shipping options, the seller type, and the seller location. As buyers check the boxes that reflect their needs and preferences, all listings that do not fit those needs and preferences will disappear, leaving only results that closely align with buyers' specifications.

Narrowing the Search Results by Motorcycle Make

Buyers will want to choose the make of their motorcycle first. Under Make, they will see a list of popular motorcycle makes, including companies like Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, BMW, Harley-Davidson, Suzuki, and Ducati. Buyers should check the box beside the make that matches their cycle. If they do not see the make of their motorcycle, they can click Choose more for a comprehensive list.

Narrowing the Search Results by Part Type

Next, buyers should select the type of part that they need. Motorcycle fuel systems, while not as complex as those of many cars, still involve many different parts. Some of the parts commonly purchased by motorcycle owners include carburetors, air cleaners, manifolds, fuel pumps, gas caps, and intake valves. Owners can also purchase kits like jet kits, intake kits, and gas line kits. If buyers need more than one part, they can click Choose more and then check the boxes beside all of the parts that they need. eBay will show available listings for all of the selected motorcycle fuel system parts.

Narrowing the Search Results by Brand

If motorcycle owners are purchasing their own parts for their motorcycle, they may have some experience in conducting motorcycle repairs and maintenance, and they may have a favorite brand of part that they like to use on bikes. If so, they can choose a preferred brand from the list on their eBay results page. Some common brands of motorcycle parts are Mikuni, Twin Air, K & N, Dynojet, UNI, Boyesen, Arlen Ness, Cobra, and Magnum, including dozens of others. If buyers are not sure which brands to look for, they can go online and read some customer reviews to see which brands other bikers prefer. They can also talk to friends and family members who have experience with motorcycle parts, specifically fuel system parts.

Narrowing the Search Results by Condition

eBay buyers typically have a few choices when it comes to the condition of motorcycle parts. The chart below clarifies some terminology that is commonly used to express the condition of a part.




Parts listed as new parts are brand-new and were never used or installed.

New Other

An item marked as new other is new and never used, but it may be missing its original packaging, or it may have a few minor defects.


A remanufactured part has been used, but it has recently been dismantled, cleaned, repaired, and rebuilt to like-new condition.


This item has been installed in a motorcycle and has been used. Used or pre-owned parts are sold as-is.

For Parts/Not Working

This part does not function properly and may be damaged or missing some key components.

Not Specified

The seller specified no condition for this part.

Buyers need not rule out parts marked as not specified. The seller may have forgotten to mark the item's condition, or it may have been too complex to describe in a single category. Typically, the listing details will provide additional information.

Narrowing the Search Results by Price

Motorcycle owners who are fixing up an old bike or who are repairing a damaged one may be spending more than they planned on parts and supplies. They may have to set a strict budget for the fuel system parts that they purchase. eBay's price filter makes it easy to stay within a set budget. Buyers enter the bottom and top dollar amounts that they are willing to pay for the part, and eBay eliminates any search results that do not fit within those financial limits.

Narrowing the Search Results by Shipping Options

eBay sellers offer several convenient shipping options for buyers. Some include a shipping fee within the listing details. Others offer free shipping as an appealing buyer incentive. Still others supply expedited shipping for buyers who need their motorcycle fuel system parts quickly. If buyers are interested solely in free shipping or in expedited shipping, they will need to check the appropriate box to see listings with that shipping option.

Narrowing the Search Results by Seller

The eBay seller filter allows buyers to find listings from sellers that they have worked with before. Buyers click the box beside My Saved Sellers to see results from sellers that they have saved onto that list. They can also enter just one seller's eBay user ID to find listings from that seller.

Users can check a different box to see results from sellers with eBay Stores. eBay Stores is a section of eBay's website that organizes listings by store rather than by product. Each store that buyers click on contains an array of different products that buyers can browse at their convenience.

Narrowing the Search Results by Distance

If buyers would rather not pay shipping, they could try shopping from local sellers within easy driving distance of their location. To do so, buyers should type their ZIP code into the provided space and then choose their preferred mile radius. For instance, if they select a 50-mile radius, eBay will display listings from sellers who live in that area. Buyers can then contact the seller to see whether they would be willing to waive any shipping charges and instead arrange a face-to-face exchange of the motorcycle part. Some sellers are comfortable with such an arrangement and may agree to meet buyers at a private home or a public location. Other sellers may prefer to maintain their privacy.

Contacting eBay Sellers

eBay understands the value of anonymity and privacy for its sellers and buyers and provides some convenient, secure communication channels. Buyers who need to ask a seller a question may click the Ask a Question link within the listing, or they can also go to the seller's profile page and click Contact Member to send the seller a message. Both methods negate the need for buyers and sellers to disclose personal information such as email addresses, as the communication takes place securely through eBay.

About Top Rated Plus Sellers

Some listings may include a Top Rated Plus seal, marking the item's seller as one of eBay's most reputable and highly rated sellers. Top Rated Plus sellers typically respond quickly and efficiently to buyer requests or communication. They ship parts out to buyers within a single business day and often supply tracking information. In addition, they may offer special bundles or package deals that save buyers extra money. Top Rated Plus sellers are required to have a return policy in place, allowing for returns and refunds within a minimum of 14 days.


Some motorcycle owners may be working on an older, heavily used motorcycle that needs fuel system parts. Others may be repairing a newer bike that was involved in some kind of accident. No matter what the reason for the replacement parts, owners will need them to be in top condition before they take their bike out on the road. They will want all parts and components to be functioning smoothly.

To find affordable parts, buyers will need to set their price range using eBay's price filter. They will also need to select their motorcycle's make, their preferred shipping options, and any other specifications or preferences. Once buyers have narrowed their results to the listings that most closely suit their needs, they can begin to browse. Buyers should read each listing carefully, examining all of the details and reading any return policies thoroughly. If buyers need additional information or photos, they should feel free to ask buyers for those. With the right planning and information, buyers should be able to have a successful and satisfying experience shopping for motorcycle fuel system parts on eBay.