How to Buy Used Motorcycle Exhaust Parts

Chris Waldron Chris Waldron

The main reasons why owners of motorcycles change their exhausts are that they are seeking better performance and more style.

How to Buy Used Motorcycle Exhaust Parts

A different exhaust system can improve an engine's performance by clearing more fumes and dissipating more heat from the engine, resulting in faster acceleration and better fuel economy. Replacing exhaust parts can also add a stylish flair to a motorcycle.

Upgrades to a motorcycle's exhaust have associated costs. However, replacing exhaust parts does not have to be expensive. Buying used parts is one way to save money on replacements, and eBay is one of the largest markets for used motorcycle exhaust parts. This guide provides information to help buyers successfully purchase used motorcycle exhaust parts on eBay. It covers the important considerations that buyers should make, the different types of motorcycle exhaust parts, and the process of buying these parts on eBay. After reading this guide, buyers will be able to purchase used motorcycle exhaust parts on the site and save money doing so in the process.


Before going to eBay to search for used motorcycle exhaust parts, it is important to consider a handful of points about motorcycle exhausts, including their compatibility with different makes and models of motorcycles, their compliance with emission and noise regulations, the material from which they are made, and the budget that should go towards purchasing the exhaust parts. Taking these points under consideration will help buyers have more successful shopping experiences on eBay.


There are many parts of a motorcycle exhaust system that are compatible with different types of motorcycles, but there are also other parts that are not. Moreover, entire exhaust systems are often not compatible with all motorcycle systems. Two-stroke engines have different exhaust systems than four-stroke engines do, and trying to fit an exhaust system for a two-stroke engine onto a four-stroke engine could be a costly mistake. It is therefore important for motorcycle owners to be sure about which type of motorcycle they own and the kind of engine that it contains before they go to eBay to buy used motorcycle exhaust parts.


Compliance is another important issue when it comes to buying used motorcycle parts. Federal and state governments have regulations regarding the emissions and noise that motorcycle exhaust systems are allowed to produce. It is therefore beneficial for used exhaust parts buyers to be aware of these regulations and to make sure that the exhaust parts that they buy do not put their exhaust systems out of compliance. Traffic police can be quite vigilant about compliance, so breaking any of these laws can result in a hefty fine.


When it comes to motorcycle exhaust parts, the part that most people pay attention to is the exhaust pipe. This is the key part when it comes to drawing heat and fumes away from the engine, and it is also the part that contributes the most to the overall aesthetics of the motorcycle. The exhaust pipe can be constructed from different materials, including steel, carbon fiber, aluminum, and titanium.


Steel can be mild steel or stainless steel, with the former being inexpensive to produce and having good heat displacement qualities. The latter offers a shinier look and it is more expensive, but it tends not to displace heat as well. There are also ceramic-coated mild steel exhaust pipes that enhance performance.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a reinforced polymer, rather than a metal. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio, with the weight being very low relative to the other materials that are used to construct motorcycle exhaust pipes. Its high-performance capabilities and high price make it a common material for use in racing motorcycles.


Aluminum also has decent strength-to-weight ratio, but it is not the best among the materials described here. It is also corrosion-resistant and offers a shiny look, making it a popular choice for a motorcycle exhaust pipe. Aluminum is also a relatively inexpensive material to use.


Titanium is one of the strongest metals relative to its weight, offering the same level of strength as steel, but with 45 percent less weight. It is heavier than aluminum is, but it also offers twice as much strength. Titanium is also very durable and offers good corrosion resistance.


Replacing motorcycle parts can cost tens of dollars or thousands of dollars. It is therefore important to consider a budget before going on eBay to search for those parts. There should be plenty of parts on eBay that meet various budgets, so buyers can stick to their predetermined expenditures when shopping on the site.

The materials from which the exhaust is constructed have perhaps the biggest influence on the price of parts. Buying used parts is a great way to ensure that the parts stay within budget. Although used parts may have some wear, they can offer excellent value.

Understanding Motorcycle Exhaust Parts

There are numerous different motorcycle exhaust parts, so it is important for buyers to be aware of all of the options for parts before shopping for them on eBay. The table below describes the different exhaust parts and lists the motorcycle types on which they are found.



Motorcycle Types

Complete Exhaust Systems

A complete exhaust system is comprised of head pipes and a muffler.


Head Pipes

These collect the engine fumes from the cylinders into a single pipe.



Clamps and Hangers

Clamps and hangers hold the various parts of an exhaust system together.



End Caps and Inserts

These control the sound from the muffler and add style to it.




Heat Shields

Heat shields are sleeves for a muffler to prevent it from burning objects.




A mid-pipe transfers fumes and heat from the head pipe to the muffler



Slip-On Mufflers

These moderate muffler noise and add style to the look of a muffler.






Baffles enhance a muffler's performance and modulate its sound.


Every type of motorcycle has a different exhaust system, so it is important that a motorcycle owner pay attention to the parts that apply to his or her motorcycle before shopping for parts on eBay.

Buying Used Motorcycle Exhaust Parts on eBay

eBay is a good source from which to buy used motorcycle exhaust parts. There is a vast selection of parts that is available on the site, and this section explains how to search for those parts, how to verify that they are compatible with the make and model of your motorcycle, and how to buy from local sellers.

Searching for Used Motorcycle Exhaust Parts

eBay has a tremendous volume of used motorcycle exhaust parts available for sale, so it is important to understand how to search the site in order to find the exact parts you need. Start by going to the eBay homepage and entering the term "exhaust&" into the search bar and clicking the Search button. By doing so, you should receive a list of all of the items for sale on eBay that are related to this search term. Choose the Parts & Accessories category option and then continue to filter by Motorcycle Parts,, and then by Exhaust parts. You can then limit your search to used parts by selecting that option, and you can further filter your search by selecting a price range, helping you to stay within the budget you had originally planned.

Filtering for Compatible Exhaust Parts

Once you have a list of all of the used exhaust parts within your price range, you can filter for the ones that are compatible with your motorcycle by choosing a make, such as Honda,, a model, such as CBR 600,, and a year, such as 2007.. If you own a 2007 Honda CBR 600, this will list the used motorcycle exhaust parts for sale on eBay that are compatible with your motorcycle, helping you to be sure that the parts that you buy will work with your bike.

Buying from Local Sellers

eBay also enables you to buy your used motorcycle exhaust parts from local sellers. To narrow your search to local sellers, enter a distance in miles from your ZIP code within which sellers must be located. This will help you to reduce shipping time and cost, and you may even be able to arrange an in-person pickup with sellers if they agree to it.


While an upgraded exhaust system can greatly enhance a motorcycle's performance and look, the parts that are necessary for an upgrade do not need to cost a fortune. Used parts can yield the desired effects for a relative pittance, and eBay is a good place to find reasonably priced used exhaust parts. This guide has covered the most important considerations that buyers will want to make regarding motorcycle exhaust parts, the different options for exhaust parts, and the eBay buying process. Although there are plenty of bargains on used exhaust parts on eBay, it can be challenging to come away with a good purchase if a buyer does not know a great deal about motorcycle exhaust parts or know how to find them on the site. This guide has provided information on both aspects of acquiring used exhaust parts on eBay, helping readers to improve their motorcycles' performances and save a few dollars in the process.