Motorcycle parking near Paddington

Chris Waldron Chris Waldron

London is a great place to ride your motorcycle, many areas of London are showing their support for two wheeled transport by highlighting motorcycle parking areas.

Motorcycle parking near Paddington

Paddington happens to be one of these boroughs with multiple yellow lines designed for parking motorcycles.

Here's what I'd recommend:

If you're on Android, try downloading the app "uk motorcycle parking." It has a street view feature that'll let you see if there are any bays in the area with something to chain your bike to. If not, then you might want to look for another area or just park illegally and hope no one notices.

If you're on iOS, I'm sure there'll be something similar—maybe an app or just Google Maps Street View? It'll show you the same thing as the Android version does.

Around Paddington all of the bays will be Westminster bays, as someone else has mentioned, they'll cost £1 for the day. The cost is not bay specific. Once you've paid, you can park in any of the Westminster motorcycle bays (you could park in one for 3 hours then move to another and stay there for one hour and so on).