Motorcycle Parts and Accessories Buying Guide

Chris Waldron Chris Waldron

Although there are many enjoyable and exciting things that come along with owning a motorcycle, one of the constants is that any motorcycle, no matter how carefully it is treated, will need new parts at some point. A motorcycle owner, therefore, needs to be prepared to purchase motorcycle parts and accessories that will help his or her motorcycle to run smoother and safer.

Motorcycle Parts and Accessories Buying Guide

There are many different parts that a motorcycle may need over the course of its lifetime, including gaskets, tires, and even major parts like a motorcycle fork.

These parts may be necessary when repairing a motorcycle or when restoring an old bike to its original, rideable condition. Aside from parts, there is also a wide array of motorcycle accessories available that can add enjoyment for the rider. Motorcycle parts as well as motorcycle accessories are available from specialty motorcycle shops, local parts retailers, and online from eBay Motors..

Motorcycle Parts Glossary

Before shopping for motorcycle parts, it is a good idea to become familiar with the terms that are used to describe them. The following table outlines some of the most common terminology that is associated with motorcycle parts and motorcycle accessories.






New Old Stock, which means the parts were made new by the manufacturer of the bike for which they were intended

These parts will fit the bike for which they are intended with no problems

NOS parts can be more expensive


Parts that are described with this term are made by a third party rather than the bike's original manufacturer

These parts tend to be less expensive than NOS parts

Aftermarket parts may not fit as precisely as NOS or used parts


Used parts are just that; they come from old motorcycles that have been stripped for parts

Used parts are likely to be the least expensive option

Used motorcycle parts are often less reliable

These terms will be used when referring to any part, so it's best to fully understand what each means before committing to a purchase.

Motorcycle Chains

One of the most commonly replaced parts on any motorcycle is the motorcycle chain.. In order to minimize the time and money spent replacing motorcycle chains, it is a good idea to check them regularly and also to keep them well-lubricated. Most riders and repair specialists recommend lubricating the chain each time the gas tank is filled, or else at the end of every long ride.

Proper lubrication will make the chain last longer, but there will still come a time that the chain will need to be replaced. How long a motorcycle can go before the chain needs to be replaced depends on the bike as well as how it is ridden. For instance, a motorcycle that is mostly stored and not used very often will not need the chain replaced nearly as often as one that is used every day and for long trips. Motorcycles that use a drive shaft will not have a chain, but still need proper maintenance.

Motorcycle Tires

It may go without saying that motorcycle tires can take a great deal of the abuse that is put on a motorcycle, especially over the course of very long rides. This is why motorcycle tires should be checked frequently and may need to be replaced quite often. Be sure to buy motorcycle tires that are compatible with the specific bike that is being repaired or improved. Street motorcycle tires, such as Suzuki motorcycle tires,, are much different that off-road motorcycle tires that are designed for rough terrain.

It is possible to tell when a motorcycle tire needs to be replaced by the handling of the motorcycle. As the tread wears down, particularly in the center of the tire, it becomes more difficult to maintain proper control of the bike. Be sure to check tires often so as to avoid any safety hazard that may be caused by worn tires.

Motorcycle Exhausts

One of the most commonly undertaken repair projects on a motorcycle is to replace the bike's exhaust. The exhaust is also the frequent target of upgrades as a new exhaust can bring some excitement to an old bike. Replacing a motorcycle exhaust can have many effects on the bike. Some riders want to replace the exhaust to make the bike louder or quieter since this particular part has the most effect on the engine's decibel level. However, people most commonly choose to replace a motorcycle's exhaust so as to improve the performance of the motorcycle engine,, since that is more easily accomplished with a new exhaust system than with an entirely new engine. No matter what the reason, motorcycle exhausts are commonly needed parts.

Type of Motorcycle Accessories

In addition to the motorcycle parts that must be replaced and maintained for proper, safe operation, there are also a number of motorcycle accessories that simply make the bike easier and more pleasant to ride. Though they may not be absolute necessities, motorcycle accessories are one of more fun parts of owning and riding a motorcycle.

Motorcycle GPS

A motorcycle GPS system is a great idea for riders who plan on taking long trips. While in some cases, a regular vehicle GPS may be sufficient for use on a motorcycle, it is generally a good idea to get a GPS that is specifically designed for use on a motorcycle. Some options that are important to motorcycle riders include a touchscreen that can be operated while wearing gloves, a small size that can still be seen clearly, and Bluetooth navigation that can be piped into a headset inside of the rider's helmet. TomTom motorcycle GPS devices and Garmin motorcycle GPS devices are the most common, but there are other brands as well.

Motorcycle Helmet Camera

Another motorcycle accessory that is geared expressly towards fun rather than safety or navigation, is the motorcycle helmet camera.. This is a camera that is built into a motorcycle helmet to record a point-of-view video of the rider's journey. Helmet cameras should be light enough that it is not uncomfortable and should securely fasten to the rider's helmet so as not to cause concern or distraction. A helmet camera can be a wonderful way to share an exciting ride with friends and family or for a rider to experience a ride over and over again.

Motorcycle Owner's Manual

While some may not consider it an accessory, a motorcycle owner's manual is an essential part of any rider's arsenal. In fact, no major repair job should be undertaken without thoroughly consulting the manual for that particular bike. An owner's manual can help to determine what is wrong with a motorcycle that is acting up and provide guidance for repairs. For those bikes that are purchased used and do not come equipped with an original owner's manual, these publications can often be found online, either as printed books or as downloadable documents.

Buying Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

Buying motorcycle parts or accessories from eBay Motors is a good way to find the perfect items that will fit with your bike and also within your budget. This process is made easier by the fact that eBay Motors allows you to search through parts from thousands of sellers around the world, which means that it is extremely likely that you will find exactly what you want.

In order to find the motorcycle parts and accessories that you need on eBay Motors, simply enter your search terms on any page of the site. You may choose to use something general like "motorcycle muffler&" or something more specific like "Yamaha motorcycle chain.." After you enter your search, you will be able to refine your results using color, price, and other descriptors.

Once you have found the perfect part of accessory for your bike, be sure that all your questions have been answered before you complete your transaction. Because motorcycle parts in particular may be quite heavy, you may have questions about shipping costs. Simply contact the seller through the eBay interface so that you can clarify any expected charges and buy with confidence.


While it is not everyone's dream to build or even ride a motorcycle, there is a certain segment of the population that finds nothing more exhilarating than the call of the open road. However, even the most perfect motorcycle can be made more perfect with the replacement or addition of certain parts and accessories. Finding those parts and accessories that perfectly match the way in which any given rider envisions his or her bike can always be a challenge.

It may take more than a few tweaks to get a bike where it needs to be, particularly if it was a used motorcycle when it was purchased. The right parts and accessories for one person will not necessarily be perfect for someone else. However, just a little bit of work can yield huge results and eventually the perfect motorcycle. With some research and some elbow grease, any rider can be guaranteed to be feeling that thrill of the open road time and time again.